The Manor Bridal Suites – Versailles Salon II

With ornate designs and luxurious details reminiscent of Versailles, our newest of The Manor’s grand bridal salons (in addition to the fully redesigned Versailles Suite I and Rotunda Suite) offer our bride her own private retreat to feel pampered in extravagance as she prepares for her special day.

Though classical in style, the suite delivers all the modern amenities a bride could want, from easy access WiFi to independent heating and cooling temperature control specific to the suite, ensuring your perfect comfort level.

A dedicated in-suite private built-in sound system also allows the bride to easily play music from her smart phone or mobile device via a Bluetooth connection, with an additional option of docking directly to a provided standard 3.5mm audio jack—Perfect for keeping the mood fun and festive as your moment of celebration approaches.

We’ll also provide you with a secure code to the suite’s push-button door lock to ensure your complete privacy as well as the peace of mind of knowing that your treasured belongings are secure while you’re enjoying your day.

But much more than the technical amenities, this Versaille Suite provides everything you’d need for looking your best on one of your most treasured days. As one of the room’s major statement pieces, an oversized custom-designed full-length three-sided mirror makes for easy viewing of your bridal gown from all angles. Well-lit with it’s own adjustable cove lighting, you can capture views of yourself in any degree of light. A space given so much attention with the intent of making our bride feel special, our designer even gave it it’s own chandelier. A step higher than the rest of the room, the mirrored space creates the perfect frame and sets the “stage” for wedding photos as well as any last minute alterations or hemming.

Not stopping at three mirrors, the suite also provides an adjoining salon space with three glamour stations that feature large vanity mirrors surrounded by Hollywood lighting, perfect for applying makeup. With a spacious prep surface made of finely-honed blue marine granite, you’ll never run out of counter space.