Spring at The Manor

An Outdoor Garden Wedding Venue Fit For Spring

As one of the most recognized outdoor wedding venues in New Jersey, The Manor’s gardens come alive in the spring. During this season of weddings, the hand-laid English manor-style brick paths leading to our ceremony area become lined with thousands of emerging tulips, whose mass flowering makes for an impressive sight. In concert with the flowers of spring, the trees begin to bud and the carefully manicured grounds intensify with green hues of grass and shrubbery. Our outdoor garden wedding location in the spring makes for a perfect symbol of new beginnings.

An Elegant Wedding Venue Inside and Out

More than just our garden however, the year-round beauty of The Manor’s grand water features, its classic architecture, and elegant wedding reception spaces are what help to make The Manor a sought-after northern NJ wedding venue. Whether posing for photos in front of our towering waterfall or standing on the newlywed’s footbridge above it, The Manor’s variety of picture-taking locals on the 20 acres of property are difficult to find elsewhere. Rare too is the authentic architecture and classic banquet rooms that offer an elegance of an earlier time that is still indicative of style and refinement today.

For more information or to make an appointment, please call us at (973) 325-2060.

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