Selecting & Installing Our New Chandelier

Creating The Right Focal Point For A New, Larger and Brighter Lobby

To fill the lofty area created by the opening up of the lobby to two full floors, the Knowles family and The Manor’s renovation team looked for a focal piece worthy of the grand scale of the room. They concentrated their attention on finding a central design element that would be large enough in size to match the scale of the space, but light and airy enough to complement the fresh, lively new aesthetic of the lobby.

Even simply getting the chandelier inside the building to its destined location was a process, as it had to be entirely uncrated and unpacked before it would even fit through The Manor’s large entryway. With its massive weight, the chandelier had to be carefully guided by hand and maneuvered into place. Prior to installation, the steel support wire, electrical connection, and mechanical winch had to be put in place to prepare for the hoisting of this delicate crystal piece of craftsmanship.

The Knowles family, owners of The Manor, selected a design style for the chandelier from the New York City-based company, Paul Ferrante, specialists in lighting design. Renowned for their exquisite antiques and reproductions, the family owned and operated company spans three generations, much like the three generations of the Knowles family now actively involved in their work at The Manor. Also a commonality with The Manor and Paul Ferrante, both have been in business for over 50 years, with a long track record of delivering quality and only using the finest materials.

With appreciation for the long history of Paul Ferrante, their attention to detail and special focus that is paid to both integrity of style and craftsmanship, the Knowles family chose to entrust them with the production of this significant focal piece of the new renovations. Knowing the company’s respect for the past, superior craftsmanship and eye towards quality design, the Knowles family commissioned this costly piece to be reproduced at twice the size of the orginal for display as one of the first impressions upon entering The Manor.

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