As the North Jersey area has been known for its diverse populations and beautiful outdoor scenery, families from across New Jersey seek to plan their special Indian wedding events at local and luxury venues. The Manor, the luxury special event wedding venue located in West Orange, has hosted numerous gatherings for various occasions and party sizes. For over 50 years, Knowles Hospitality has helped families in the surrounding areas carry out the wedding of their dreams. Indian couples looking for a venue that will exceed their expectations for their multi-day wedding celebration, The Manor offers the right mix between sophisticated and fun.

Conveniently located in a central hub of the state, The Manor’s location across from Eagle Rock Reservation makes it easily accessible for guests from all over the state. Having happily served couples from the local Princeton Junction, Franklin Park, and Piscataway areas, The Manor understands the local community and the importance of incorporating cultural and religious themes appropriately and with elegance. If you and your partner are looking to incorporate Hindu, Sikhi, or Muslim traditions, while also implementing American themes, our wedding planners will sit with you to plan out the Indian wedding of your dreams.

No matter if you are looking to plan a singular event such as your Sangai engagement ceremony or hold all three days and traditional Jamail ceremony at The Manor, our staff will be here to create a seamless event for all guests and family members. As traditional Indian weddings often hold a vast guest list, The Manor can accommodate events of varying sizes. With many spaces and private rooms to choose from, Indian couples can find the space for any or all of their events. As always, our wedding coordinators and reception staff sit ready to answer all questions and concerns from guests and the wedding party.

What Should Guests Wear to Traditional Indian Wedding?

Wedding guests will often be encouraged to wear traditional Indian clothes which include saris or lenghas for women and long-sleeved tunics and pants for men. For those not familiar with Indian or Hindu culture, knowing what to wear and what to avoid can seem tricky. Colors for guests to avoid include white, black, and red. In Indian culture, white is typically worn for funerals and black symbolizes bad luck. Guests should also avoid wearing red as the bride wears this color during Jaimala, also known as the main ceremony. When shopping for traditional Indian wedding fashion, guests should wear fun and festive colors such as lively oranges, yellows, blues, and pinks. With shops dedicated to traditional Indian wedding fashion in the local New Jersey area, guests can get garments properly fitted and be guided through the process by the stylists and shop owners.

For those not choosing to wear traditional Indian fashion, it will be worth doing research on the venue and taking a detailed look at the invitation for a possible dress code. When it comes to accessories, women should not be afraid to wear heavy sets of bangles on both arms and large earrings. With the right set of accessories and fitted outfit, guests at The Manor or any Knowles Hospitality location such as the Pleasantdale Chateau, will fit right in and celebrate the culture of the happy couple.

How Should Guests Coordinate Indian Wedding Outfits for Multi-Day Events?

When attending a multi-day Indian wedding, guests should give special attention to the coordination of their outfits. Individuals often choose to purchase or rent multiple traditional outfits for each event, unless otherwise stated or informed to wear western-style clothing. Often, your wedding guests will have an invitation which gives more information on each of the events and ceremonies. By doing extra research with ample time, you will be able to plan your casual and traditional Indian fashion outfits and accessories accordingly. Guests will typically be invited to or choose to attend the Sangeet, a pre-ceremony reception, and Jaimala which takes place on the second and third day of the multi-day wedding. The events on the first day, such as the Ganesh Puja, can typically be reserved for close friends and family. Men and women attending the main events on the second and third day should look into wearing different vibrant colors and styles of traditional Indian wedding fashion. If you will be traveling far or staying overnight, it may be in your best interest to use hangers to transport and call ahead for hotel ironing services.

Fashion, Tradition & Themes: What to Expect at an Indian Wedding

When preparing for a traditional Indian wedding, guests and family members should note that wedding events can take place over three days, usually, three being the minimum. For Indian couples looking to plan their events, they may opt for different venues for each event, hold smaller events at their home, or keep the same venue for all events based on their wants and budget. Throughout all three days, and mostly on the third day with the main ceremony and reception, guests can expect to see royal and opulent themes throughout the traditional events. With decorative symbols and meaning behind colors, guests and extended family will be immersed in Hindu and Indian culture.

With richly colored silk and cotton fabrics incorporated into clothing and décor, Indian couples have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to setting a tone for their events. Apart from traditional accessories and saris, the bride and women guests may also have henna done on their hands and feet to symbolize positive spirits and good luck. Important Hindu and Indian symbols and flowers such as mandalas, lotus flowers, and jasmine flowers can also be seen as decorative elements during events. Guests can see flowers incorporated, such as jasmine flowers, in the garland that the bride and groom wear in the main ceremony.

However, one of the most stand out elements throughout an Indian wedding remains to be the fashion and traditional garments. Brides will often be wearing the most opulent sari or lengha easily identifiable by the vibrant red color and gold or reflective embroidery. Grooms will often compliment the outfit of the bride by wearing a custom sherwani that has similar embroidery or patterns. For Indian brides looking to stand out on their wedding day with on-trend Indian bridal fashions, designers such as Anita Dongre or Abu Janu Sandeep continue to influence the Indian wedding fashion community. Their traditional and timeless looks exemplify the beauty and opulence Indian brides seek for their wedding, while also being able to incorporate features for the modern bride.

Come Visit The Manor for Multi-Day and Traditional Indian Weddings

The knowledgeable event planners at The Manor remain ready to help Indian couples planning their multi-day Indian wedding. At the Manor, we work with you and your partner to ensure that all guests will enjoy the atmosphere, traditional food, and religious ceremonies. When it comes time to build invitations and set up décor with vendors, our wedding specialists can ensure seamless transitions.

By working directly with you, guests will be informed on aspects such as what to wear or the order of ceremonies and receptions. With proximity to New York City, guests will find the Manor easily accessible from all around the tri-state area. The Manor has happily helped numerous couples living in and around Edison, Iselin, Parsippany, and Dayton build the traditional or modern Indian wedding of their dreams.

For more information on our available spaces and dates available, give us a call at (973) 731-2360. We look forward to helping you create an unforgettable Indian wedding.

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