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Over A Half-Century History of Helping Our Guests
Celebrate All of Life's Most Important Moments
In Grand Style

Sweet Sixteens
& Quinceañeras

Choosing a venue to mark the precious milestone that symbolizes your daughter’s transition from beloved child into a burgeoning adult can be a daunting experience. For years, The Manor has been a trusted resource for parents because of our time-tested reputation for quality and professionalism. Through our years of creating poignant experiences for families, we’ve learned the careful balance between what makes an event special for the parents as well as what matters most to the child. In matters of tastefulness and quality, as well as service and lasting impressions for adult guests, The Manor delivers on its trademark refinement. But we also know that the guest of honor deserves an experience that she can be proud to boast about to her peers as well. From music and entertainment to specialty themes and a menu that appeals to young adults, The Manor’s event experts can help tailor an event that turns a stressful time of adolescence into magic memories for which she’ll be forever grateful.

Bar & Bat

As a highly anticipated moment in the life of your child, we know how important a bar or bat mitzvah celebration can be for everyone involved. It’s all a careful combination of acknowledging the symbolism of the tradition, honoring the spiritual significance, recognizing the work and effort it’s taken your child (with lots of parental help) to earn the accomplishment of the experience, and ultimately, to celebrate all that it means. Our experienced event professionals know how to help you host a celebration that not only fulfills all aspects of what the milestone means, but also imbue the moment full with celebratory joy. The best events, hosted well, always meet–and even exceed–the expectations of an over-the-top celebration that thrills both teens and adults alike. Let us help you mark this precious moment by making meaningful, happy memories shared by all.


From one to one hundred, The Manor has helped our guests celebrate and honor birthdays across the ages. From stylish cocktail parties to intimate sit-down dinners to extravagant dance parties, we help our clients create experiences that express the character and interests of the guest of honor. Are you or the one you love about to reach 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75, or more? We’re ready to help you plan an experience complete with The Manor’s renowned menu, desserts and cakes that will wow even the most ardent foodie. Our history and reputation for style and class will lend itself perfectly to showing them the importance you place on celebrating not just how old they are, but who they are…all shared in the company of their closest friends and family.


With a variety of event spaces to accommodate your needs, The Manor is well-equipped to host an anniversary celebration to meet your needs for mid-size to the largest in scale of parties. Whether you’re a past Manor bride and groom looking to relive your special day through a wedding anniversary party years later or a new guest simply searching for an event venue that can create a flawless experience for your milestone moment, we offer the options, amenities, and level of service that will ensure your celebration is a special one.

Christenings, Communions,
& Confirmations

Whether celebrating a baptism, a First Holy Communion, or another religious rite of passage, an event at The Manor signifies the importance of the moment and offers family an opportunity to share in the experience. With a long history of hosting receptions for communions, christenings, and confirmations at our historic mansion, The Manor is well suited to providing an ideal environment for the occasion.


The accomplishment of graduation is one of the most important milestones worth celebrating because it is earned through hard work and dedication. Whether a high school graduation party, a college graduation reception, or a post-graduate or doctoral celebration, recognition of such an achievement is well deserved. Hosting your graduation party for yourself or your loved one signifies the importance placed on the effort and the accomplishment. Whether looking to throw a lavish party or a formal reception, The Manor can help you mark the occasion and give recognition to the graduate in superior style.

Wedding Rehearsal

For many of the couples preparing to marry at The Manor, as well as for those celebrating their nuptials elsewhere, hosting a wedding rehearsal dinner on the eve their big day is an event in itself. With The Manor’s notable expertise, renowned cuisine, and refined service, the planning of a wedding rehearsal reception is a seamless and stress-free experience. We help the couple, the parents of the groom, or other family members plan the perfect prequel to the wedding day. Hosting a rehearsal dinner at The Manor sends the couple and those closest to them off to an excellent start, making for a relaxed celebratory, and enjoyable experience the evening before and sets the mark of quality to be anticipated for the day to come.


Fun, festive, and feminine, our bright and beautiful bridal showers help elevate the excitement of the experience and the anticipation of the wedding day to come. Our team of events specialists help you select the perfect setting, set your menu, and offer their expertise on how to make the most of the moment. With over 65 years of joyful weddings at The Manor, hosting a bridal shower in the place where so much married bliss begins is an easy choice to make.


Making a wonderful experience for the mom-to-be is one is quite a responsibility, but it can also be a fun and rewarding process. Hosting a baby shower at The Manor is a great way to ensure that the occasion is extra special and one that everyone will want to attend. Inquire with our event specialists about how we can help you create the perfect setting for a surprise party, or even go the extra mile with a lavish reception complete with all the trademark Manor touches.

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