Creating A New Men’s Lounge

Just below The Manor’s lobby on the lower level, is our newly-constructed men’s lounge. With rigid, rich wood elements, substantive leather seating, two high-definition television screens, and an array of other more masculine elements, this Manor man cave is another unique room newly-built from the ground-up for our guests’ enjoyment.

Our men’s lounge is yet another example of the efforts of our renovation plans to further enhance The Manor experience with rooms custom-tailored to the individual needs of our guests. Need a moment for the guys to congregate, want to catch up on the score of the game, or just get a quiet moment away from the party? We’ve designed a space dedicated to that.

While the amenities provided to men are often overlooked, this freshly created lounge doesn’t simply relegate the men to a utilitarian space. Our renovation team planned and designed this segment of the building to be a functional as well as a welcoming and comfortable environment. To do so, the renovation team needed to embark on an ambitious overhaul of the lower level, completely altering the existing space, which had to be entirely deconstructed before any new work could begin.

As the men’s lounge project proceeded, the craftsmen built-in a carefully-curated selection of wood and stone materials that would complement the aesthetic. Additional added accents, from bold antique throne chairs to an ornate bronze shield depicting scenes of battle.

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