With New Jersey’s diverse landscapes and population, Asian couples across the state looking for accessibility and luxury are drawn to the Knowles Hospitality locations. Located in West Orange, The Manor, a luxury special event venue, has hosted thousands of weddings. For over 50 years, Knowles Hospitality has helped couples in the New Jersey and tri-state area bring their wedding dreams to life. With so many private rooms to choose from, Asian couples can incorporate traditional ceremonies and themes with the help of the Manor’s wedding planners. Whether you seek a small-scale outdoor wedding or an opulent celebration, The Manor sits ready to help you and your partner create memories that will last a lifetime.

Having happily served couples from the local Fort Lee, Palisades Park, and Englewood Cliffs areas, The Manor takes the time to understand the importance of incorporating cultural and religious themes appropriately. If you and your partner are looking to incorporate traditional Japanese, Thai, Chinese, or even Korean wedding customs, while also highlighting American themes, The Manor’s wedding event coordinators can ensure a seamless experience.

What Should I Wear to a Traditional Asian Wedding?

For modern-day Asian brides and grooms, wearing traditional and cultural wedding garments honors your family and legacy. For Asian couples looking to implement cultural themes into their wedding, knowing how to create a cohesive environment feels daunting. Traditional Asian wedding wear can often be reserved for the formal ceremony. Here, Asian brides and grooms can feature their cultural elements, while still incorporating a western-like reception. For traditional Korean brides and grooms, guests can expect to see both wearing a hanbok with floral embellishments or reflective patterns. The bride may typically choose to wear a pink or purple hanbok and guests can be encouraged to wear similar lightly colored outfits. Traditional Chinese brides can wear a qipao, often in a rich red color, and can switch outfits throughout the wedding day.

Guests at a traditional Chinese wedding remain encouraged to wear light-colored outfits to symbolize the bride and groom’s new life together. Japanese couples will both wear complimenting kimonos, with the bride wearing white and accessorized with a headdress. For receptions, Japanese brides may change into a brightly colored kimono or choose to wear a western-style gown. Contemporary Filipino brides also wear western-like white gowns and may bring in traditional elements with stylistic features that mirror the traditional Filipina gown.

High-end and popular Asian wedding dress designers such as Vera Wang, Manish Malhotra, and Yumi Katsura have been driving forces in the industry, blending contemporary and traditional designs into their gowns. Wedding brides often look to these prominent wedding designers for inspiration, find themselves aligning their colors based on their wedding outfit. For brides looking to showcase the intricate designs and details of your wedding day outfits, rest assured that the event planners at The Manor will make you and your partner the focal point of the day. Paired with our wedding planners, you can be sure to build the wedding of your dreams and celebrate the important cultural elements you and your partner hold close.

Themes for Asian Weddings

At The Manor, our wedding event specialists will ensure that every detail you wish to include in your wedding venue is carried through. For Asian-American couples that do not choose to wear traditional wedding garments, they can find comfort knowing that traditional rituals or aspects can still be highlighted in the wedding venue. With endless options for table settings, centerpieces, and dinner menus, The Manor can deliver the traditional Asian wedding décor for every guest to enjoy.

Whether Asian couples look to incorporate traditional flowers, such as lilies, the hibiscus, cherry blossoms, or detailed symbols, the Manor’s wedding event planners will guide you along the décor process. With spacious outdoor ceremony spaces and opulent reception spaces, The Knowles wedding planners can accommodate varying party sizes and keep larger events centered for seamless transitions from ceremony to reception. Asian couples can be sure that the spaces at The Manor offer beautiful landscapes to highlight special events such as the traditional Chinese tea ceremony for both families to come together.

Hosting Your Asian Wedding at The Manor

The wedding experts at The Manor stand ready to help Asian couples successfully execute the wedding they have been hoping for. Our team of wedding planners will ensure that all traditional and religious Asian customs are brought together to showcase your new union. The Manor will help you coordinate important information for guests such as guest dress codes, directions, and local overnight options. With our convenient location in New Jersey and proximity to New York City, The Manor has served as the luxury Asian wedding venue for the tri-state area.

For more information on our available rooms and dates, contact our wedding specialists at (973) 731-2360. We look forward to helping every Asian couple blend traditional and contemporary elements for the wedding of their dreams!

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