Same-sex couples living in New Jersey know how difficult it can be to locate a gay-friendly wedding venue that can handle all of the necessities from invitations and decor down to the cuisine and music. With numerous LGBTQ+ communities spread out across the state of New Jersey, raising a family has never been more receptive. Whether you and your partner consider yourselves androgynous, gender-neutral, or butch, New Jersey’s friendly LGBTQ+ organizations and businesses are welcoming of all members and happy to assist same-sex couples with all of their wedding needs.

Gay, lesbian, and transgender couples in the surrounding Asbury Park, Montclair, Maplewood area need a reliable wedding venue for their enchanting big day. Whether you and your partner are looking for an indoor nighttime party or a daytime outdoor theme, The Manor is your one-stop same-sex wedding venue. The Manor’s professional team of wedding planners is available when you need them to discuss LGBTQ+ specific decor, wedding color preferences, same-sex fashion tips, and advice on deciding on a theme. Leave it to The Manor to take care of your event’s essentials, so you and your partner can focus on what’s most important.

How Can Same-Sex Couples Coordinate Wedding Attire?

Both you and your future partner want to wear gowns or suits for your magical genderqueer wedding day – without clashing. The number one lesbian wedding gown tip to stick with the same fabrics. Dresses crafted with the same materials look incredible in photos and help to keep the entire wedding look cohesive. Androgynous and gender-neutral couples thinking about veering off the classic white wedding shade should try to find a common color for both of your looks with accessories such as boutonnières, ties, and shoes! Even dresses and suits that share similar features – color, material, and trim – should complete the ensemble because this will give your LGBTQ+ wedding the cohesion you need with the freedom you want. Masculine men and women can go for tailored suits either with fun, vibrant patterns or something that holds a simpler and sleeker design. Floral print, stripes, and polka dots are all excellent options for men and women who want to stand out on their wedding day without outshining their partner.

The Manor welcomes every New Jersey-based LGBTQ+ couple that walks through our doors. Let us plan your dream same-sex wedding while you both worry about finding your fantasy gowns or suits. We believe the most important tip is to wear something that makes you feel good. Nothing screams happiness like two confident, charming souls coming together on their wedding day.

How Can I Incorporate LGBTQ+ Colors into My Same-Sex Wedding?

Show off your LGBTQ+ pride on your genderqueer wedding day with the fun color palette. Pride colors represent your beautiful community, so why not display them for everyone to see? Incorporate the LGBTQ+ rainbow subtly with a colorful wedding cake. When the special cake-cutting moment comes, surprise your guests with rainbow layers and imagine how those photos will turn out. Use decor as a way of incorporating your gay pride with rainbow flower bouquets, napkins, balloons – the list goes on. Forget subtle and go big by having both of your bridal parties wear solid colors, one each color of the LGBTQ+ rainbow to stand beside you and your partner during vows. At the Manor in NJ, our executive wedding planners will work closely with you and your partner to ensure everything is exactly how you both want it from colorful decor to a delicious wedding cake.

Hosting Your Celebration with New Jersey’s #1 Same-Sex Wedding Venue

Same-sex couples living in the nearby New Jersey area including Jersey City, Ocean Grove, and Princeton do not need to struggle to find the perfect wedding venue that does it all. At the Manor, our attentive event and wedding planners and 5-star chefs will ensure that the backend of your LGBTQ+ wedding runs smoothly so that you and your partner can focus on having fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to celebrate your same-sex wedding with an over-the-top event or a small-scale meeting with just close friends and family because The Manor can handle it all. With decades of experience under our belt, your wedding with The Manor will be one that your guests will never forget.

At the Manor, we believe in happiness for all because love is love. We make it our top priority to create the night of your dreams the way you and your partner want while keeping to strict deadlines. Are you looking to host your gay celebration at the #1 same-sex wedding venue in New Jersey? Dial (973) 731-2360 today to plan your beautiful Manor same-sex wedding!

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