In keeping with the bright, newly renovated public spaces, and extensive luxurious appointments for which The Manor is known, the Knowles family included in their revitalization plans added accommodations for those spaces that typically receive less attention in a project of this type. Included among them are the restrooms.

Not to leave any aspect of our guests’ experience unattended to, the Knowles family incorporated plans for an entirely new ladies lounge. Built on the first floor in the heart of our historic building, the new accommodations now offer a more centralized and easily-accessible location.

To create this sizable ladies lounge and in order to provide complete amenities within, a portion of a pre-existing banquet room was sacrificed so that the lounge could be built in its place. The existing space was deconstructed and rebuilt from the ground up, with extensive plumbing, electrical, and mechanical services added.

Prior to construction, the renovation team, lead by Keri Knowles, worked extensively to develop a design concept and source materials befitting the plans. In keeping with the elegant aesthetic of The Manor, every aspect of the environment, from the décor to the more practical requirements of the space were considered.

To create this bright, welcoming, warm, and elegant space, a great deal of time and capital were invested in sourcing the ideal materials for the project. From the unique hand-made large-scale marble trough sink, to the vanities and counter spaces, to the wood and tile floors, every detail was researched, considered and integrated to further the project’s goal of providing a space that could offer both comfort and refinement.

Added comforts include no-touch faucets and privacy stalls with solid full-length doors. The well-appointed lounge offers ample comfortable, sumptuous seating and all the appurtenances one would want from a ladies lounge, from an abundance of mirrors to bright but flattering lighting illuminating the vanity spaces.

Creating A New Ladies’ Lounge

New Modern Amenities With An Elegant, Classic Charm

Reflecting on our past, also incorporated into the overall design scheme as a decorative element in the new ladies’ lounge is one of The Manor’s original exterior arched windows, reclaimed and reintroducedwith a special silvered mirror glass treatment, as a reference to the early days of The Manor and its over half-century dedication to providing an elegant, lavish environment to help make our generations of guests feel pampered and special.

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