Jewish Wedding Venue

As a wedding venue dedicated to giving couples their happily ever afters, The Manor is delighted to cater to your cultural traditions. Along with Jewish weddings come countless customs and age-old traditions. For a venue with grounds that can accomodate wedding canopies from the Chuppah tradition and service experienced with custom’s meaning, The Manor is your Jewish wedding destination.

Our Wedding Venue Delivers Elegant Jewish Weddings

With lavish landscapes and lovely ballrooms spacious enough for Hora (or chair dance), elegance is where it all begins. Whether it’s an intimate family gathering or the celebration of the century, share your special day with friends and family in an atmosphere that’s sure to charm.

Our friendly staff is committed to working closely with couples to deliver a flawless fairytale wedding.  No matter what the task, we can assure you it will be done The Manor way.

Our Wedding Venue Can Bring Your Jewish Wedding to Life

From circling the groom to breaking the glass, we are pleased to carry out the rituals you hold near and dear to your heart. No Jewish wedding is complete without the Hora. We can assure you our grand ballrooms and exquisite banquet halls have enough room for more than just you and your spouse to chair dance. Mazel Tov to that!

Your cultural wedding means as much to us as it does to you. With that being said, our wedding planners take great pride in ensuring absolute perfection during both the ceremony and reception. Our job is to make your dreams a reality.

Say yes to upscale elegance, charming style and the luxurious grounds that The Manor in New Jersey has to offer. Serving couples from towns including Madison, Chatham, and Florham Park, the perfect Jewish wedding you’ve always dreamt of is finally possible. For a marriage secured by tradition and romance, The Manor is your Jewish wedding destination.

To make an appointment with a banquet manager, please contact us at (973) 325-2060.

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