Are you ready to gather together with your team to celebrate the season?  Now–more than ever–is the time to begin building a sense of camaraderie, bond with the colleagues who’ve worked side-by-side with you all year long, and just enjoy each other’s company in an environment that lets them all know how important they are to your business.

Now that you’re all back to the office, and working to get back to normal operations, hosting a holiday party for your business is a definite perk that you can’t pass up. We all need an opportunity to celebrate and there’s no better time than during the holidays, when it’s on people’s mind the most. Relax, gather, and enjoy — we’ll help you with the rest.

Events That Impress

As a venue synonymous with celebration, The Manor has a decades-long reputation for creating exciting experiences, executed with the utmost professionalism. Let our team of event experts help you to create a business party that makes you look good and every guest who attends feel special. An event at The Manor always makes for a good turnout and a full list of RSVPs. Our event hosts always win the thanks of their colleagues for choosing to celebrate in our beautiful, historic mansion.

Fabulous Food

Part of every holiday celebration includes indulging in all the favorite foods of the season. Acclaimed for its lavish cuisine, The Manor is ready to provide an abundant food-centric experience with countless choices for delectable dishes that delight your guests. From fun and soul-satisfying comfort food dishes to healthy vegetarian and vegan options, as well as refined culinary creations, our seasonal selections are sure to please every palette.

Celebrate In Style

In The Manor’s luxurious setting, surrounded the in grandeur of our estate, fun and formality are carefully balanced, helping to ensure that our guests thoroughly enjoy themselves while still maintaining a sense of professionalism. The exquisite environment heightens the impact of the experience and creates a ready-made environment for celebration.

Whether an extravagant affair for hundreds of guests or a more intimate experience for smaller groups, The Manor offers an abundance of options for ballrooms and celebration spaces that best suit your style and setup. From music to mixology, we’ll help to set the stage for an enjoyable evening where your team can let their hair down and have a grand time, leaving with lasting memories that build morale and cap off a year of well-earned entertainment.

Festive & Fashionable

Our halls will be decked to provide all the splendor befitting the holiday season. The ambiance alone elevates the experience, bringing out the festive feeling for our guests. Perfect for picture taking and memory making our home in the hills of northern New Jersey will make the season bright without the need for you to worry about additional embellishments to make the holiday feelings come alive.



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