Making A Grand Entrance

Breaking Through The Ceiling To Create A Two-Story Reveal

One of the ambitious redesign goals of The Manor’s renovation project was to create an entirely new, more welcoming, airy, and grand first impression for guests walking through our doors. Part of that plan included significantly opening up our lobby. And by opening up, that meant going up—removing a major portion of the floor of the second story above the lobby to create a soaring two-story view. Doing so required the removal of not just one ceiling, but two.

After considerable structural analysis as well as architectural and engineering planning, work began on the deconstruction of the second floor ceiling to evaluate if it would be possible to increase its height further into the rafters of the roof. Upon confirming the ceiling could be raised, The Manor’s renovation team began the framing work to prepare for an entirely new ceiling design. Before the second phase of opening the lobby by removing the floor of the second level began, lighting, HVAC, trim, and other decorative work was performed.

Upon completion of the initial ceiling work, The Manor’s renovation team then began the arduous process of removing the pre-existing floor of the second level and the ceiling of the first floor, to begin the refinements of physically and aesthetically connecting the two spaces.

Once the second floor ceiling was constructed and the majority of the finishing details were added, removal of the first floor ceiling could begin. The renovation team would now have to address the removal of the main structural support beam spanning the center of the lobby to enable to space to be fully opened.

Included in the changes to the two-story lobby was the installation of an extensive ornate iron and brass railing that would ascend the winding staircase and fully surround the edges of the newly-created second level overlook. Also included in these changes was the removal of the existing marble flooring and installation of a new design that would compliment the brightened color scheme and materials of the fresh, renovated lobby.

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