Flagship Property

Bordered by Eagle Rock Reservation to the east and situated on 20 acres of manicured gardens, The Manor is the heart and soul of the Knowles properties.

In addition to its classic banquet rooms, fine dining rooms and Italianate fountains, The Manor is a veritable village of craftsman and artisans.

The onsite bakery produces everything from rolls and baguettes to wedding cakes, pastries and gingerbread houses for weddings and a la carte dinners at each of our West Orange properties: The Manor, Highlawn Pavilion and Pleasantdale Chateau.

For efficiency, quality control and cost savings needs, all of the properties upholstery, laundry and sewing needs are handled by a team of onsite seamstresses and craftsmen.

Another unique aspect of The Manor is its team of artisans that includes a father-son ice sculpture team, a silversmith and a coppersmith, responsible for creating the copper pots used in all of the Knowles properties kitchens including Ram’s Head Inn in Galloway.

A master gardener, mechanics specialized in the maintenance of our bio-diesel truck and other tradesmen keep The Manor in the best possible shape, allowing it to continue to be a top destination after 50+ years of business.

For more information or to make an appointment, please call us at (973) 325-2060.

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