Installation of a New Elevator

Creating Easier Access Throughout The Manor

In their renovation planning, the Knowles family’s mission was to not only refresh, brighten and revitalize the look and feel of The Manor, but to also find ways of further improving the appeal of the public spaces to make them more welcoming and comfortable for our guests. Some of these improvements have been realized even with the first step through our doors.

Part of the renovation plans called for a full-scale change to The Manor’s front entrance and vestibule. This did not merely mean a fresh coat of paint, but a floor-to-ceiling overhaul that included the knocking down of walls, the tearing up of flooring, and a new ceiling design.

Originally flanked on both sides by offices, the vestibule had previously merely served a strictly functional purpose as an air lock and transition between the outdoors and the lobby.

To open-up the space and make the first interior room our guests experience even more inviting, the Knowles family chose to sacrifice these two private offices to provide even more space for public use.  The renovation team broke through the walls dividing the vestibule and the offices to transform three separate rooms into one larger, more open space for our guests.

Now in addition to the more practical purposes the vestibule serves, it also offers yet another space in our sprawling venue where guests can congregate or relax comfortably while they wait to meet up with those joining them for an evening at The Manor. Two roomy alcoves on both the left and right of the entrance offer comfortable nooks for sitting in our robust oversized and cozy seating.  If you pause to rest and enjoy this space, you’ll notice the prismatic light cast through our custom-crafted windows–with rays of sun from one side, and the sparkling lights of our new lobby chandelier on the other.

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