A History of The Dome

Since the mid-1970s, the domed structure above the elegant “Terrace Lounge” at The Manor has hosted live music, DJ dance parties and the occasional cabaret, vaudeville, and specialty acts.

It was also the occasional hangout of local and international celebrities including Joe Pesci, Erik Estrada, Mary Travers (of Peter, Paul and Mary), Stevie Wonder and the one-and-only Liza Minelli who performed two full sets in 1982, the same year she was performing in the Tony Award-Winning “The Rink” on Broadway.


The Dome was originally designed for the White House during the Benjamin Harrison administration (1889-1893), but was never implemented. The architectural plans were much later adapted for The Manor and added to our West Orange landmark.  This rooftop lounge that overlooks The Manor’s formal gardens was renovated in 2010 and has recently seen additional upgrades with even more new amenities in the planning stages.

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