The Manor is one of New Jersey’s most beloved wedding venues, offering an array of fine dining, extraordinary ceremonial ballrooms, and even overnight accommodations. We work directly with you and your loved one to guarantee that we provide you and your guests with a wedding to remember. When it comes to our endless options for dining, we will have something for everyone from seafood and meat to vegetarian and vegan options all while staying within your desired budget. With the magical interior designs and the gorgeous outdoor NYC views, The Manor of New Jersey welcomes anyone who wants to celebrate their special day with us. No matter the volume or vitality of your wedding, we are here to support and wish nothing but pure happiness on this remarkable day.

The Most Unforgettable NJ Outdoor Wedding Venue

At The Manor, we can provide you with the most breathtaking outdoor wedding venue amidst our beautiful rustic garden area. Our outdoor garden is adorned with gorgeous blossoming wildflowers and vines, making it a grand setting for any wedding ceremony with a magnificent view of the New York City skyline. Planning a wedding is certainly a stressful situation, let us take the worrisome load off of your hands so you can enjoy your fabulous day as a newlywed couple. Surrounding yourself with the people you love at a show-stopping location is a recipe for an unforgettable celebration. At The Manor, our highly trained wedding professionals will take care of all of your needs no matter what the situation entails. Holding your ceremony outdoors encompassed by miles of superb green lands is perfect for couples in NJ and the surrounding areas looking to observe this notable day.

Same-Sex And LGBTQ+ Weddings At NJ’s Finest Venue

We are proud to be allies of the LGBTQ+ community and we open our doors to all. Weddings are celebrations of two souls coming together to express their love for each other and we’re here to help. We are welcoming of all unique ideas that each NJ couple brings to the table and we are happy to do everything in our power to make those dreams a reality. At the end of the day, our job at The Manor is to serve everyone and honor the true meaning of a wedding ceremony: love. Being one of New Jersey’s top wedding venues, we look forward to serving you and ensuring a memorable experience before your lifelong adventures as a married couple begins.

New Jersey’s Favorite Asian Wedding Venue

Next to celebrating love as our top priority, acknowledging tradition and culture is just as significant to us. We welcome guests from all backgrounds and want nothing but pure joy from our visitors when the gathering comes around. The Manor will serve as a fantastic location for local Asian couples in New Jersey who are looking to showcase their culture during a wedding. If you wish to admire a traditional Asian wedding or choose to go with a more contemporary approach, we look forward to helping you commemorate your faithful day. Whether you choose to dine with The Imperial Room or The Regency Room, any cultural details that you want to be displayed will be incorporated within our exquisite ballroom. Family members from both sides will be pleased with the turnout, leaving you worry-free when it comes time to celebrate your wedding day. Join us in Northern New Jersey at The Manor and we will give you your holy grail wedding ceremony.

The Perfect Venue For An Indian Wedding In Northern New Jersey

In addition to hosting Asian weddings, The Manor can also host your Indian wedding as well. As extravagant or traditional as you want your wedding to be, we have got you covered in making this an incredible event. We understand that weddings in Indian culture can last several days, let us help you praise the final stretch of this beautiful adventure and host your elegant ceremony along with the exciting reception. Any and all accommodations needed such as specific furnishings or pre-planned performances are encouraged. We want you to feel valued enough to let us know of any certain circumstances or distinct necessities so that our experts can do everything possible to satisfy your needs. Whatever religion or cultural background you come from, we welcome you and look forward to planning your wedding of a lifetime at The Manor in New Jersey.

The Absolute Best Jewish Wedding Venue For NJ Couples

Are you dreaming of celebrating your Jewish wedding ceremony at a location with a gorgeous outdoor venue? We can take care of that and host this precious day for you at The Manor in Northern New Jersey. All wedding traditions are a prime concern for us and our staff because we recognize the true value that they hold to you. Share with us your vision and we will make it come alive. We can place the Chuppah in the heart of our scenic garden in view of the New York City skyline and later move indoors to The Garden Room for the traditional Hora dance and festivities during the spirited reception. We are committed to creating moments of pure joy for local NJ couples and their loving family and friends during these phenomenal milestones.

Let Us Make Your Dream Wedding Come Alive At The Manor in NJ

Our goal here in NJ at The Manor is to make your wildest wedding visions come to life. Whatever type of wedding celebration you are looking to give a toast to, we are here and happy to deliver. Working closely with our wedding specialists, you have the power to express your vision and beliefs while we make them possible. Having served couples from Verona, Montclair, Livingston, and the nearby New Jersey area, we hope to assist you next. With our unique and beautiful facility and grounds, our award-winning menus, and our attentive staff, your wedding at The Manor will be the perfect beginning to your joyous new life! Call us at (973)-731-3463 to connect with our event planners and begin mapping out your special occasion.

For more information or to make an appointment, please call us at (973) 325-2060.

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