Since 1956, The Manor has hosted more than 10,000 weddings and has been the dining destination for generations of customers in celebration of life’s most special occasions.

Our experience and commitment to perfection is unparalleled in regard to both weddings and fine dining.

Now in its sixth generation of restaurateurs, the Knowles’ family continues the tradition of providing gracious service and hospitality while keeping up with the changing needs of our clientele.

When Harry Knowles opened his three-room restaurant in the hills of West Orange on New Year’s Eve in 1956, he could not have known then that his dream would culminate in an establishment of which The New York Times said, “It is as close as one can get to perfection.”

It has been a long and rewarding labor of love for the Knowles family.  They have taken those original three rooms and created a New Jersey landmark that captures the timeless essence of elegance and splendor.

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